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   What did you do with your boat today? BOATING DESTINATIONS highlights the diversity of the fishing and cruising that our state has to offer, along with the versatility of what you can do with your boat.

   Each X below shows locations where the BOATING DESTINATIONS crew visited to produce videos that document the route, where we stayed, fish that were caught and beautiful scenery encountered. We cover trip preparations, how your boat should be outfitted, fishing info, accommodations, fuel stops and more, so anyone who wants to make the same trip, will have all of the information they need.
Raymarine x9 with built-in sonar is the perfect choice for anglers looking for a powerful do-it-all combo.
FLIR's HM-324XP+ First Mate Series provide go-anywhere thermal imaging for clear vision in total darkness
Evinrude ETec G2 200 Delivering best-in-class torque, best-in-class fuel efficiency and the lowest total emissions.
Armstrong Outboard Brackets increase efficiency, lower fuel consumption, and provide a drier ride plus better handling.
The Power-Pole Blade securely stops your boat on command and holds your position.
Waterproof Charts offers a complete line up of waterproof, tear resistant charts for many regions of the United States.
Sea Knees is a shock mitigation boat strategy that greatly reduces the impact on the knees and other joints in the body from boat shock caused by waves and chop.
80500 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada
 920 E. Del Monte Ave., Clewiston,Florida
          25000 Tamiami Trail E
       The Everglades, FL 34114
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Atlastrax GPS satellite tracking system to help in theft recovery and real time mapping in the event family is overdue from a trip.
Discover Florida's hidden treasures
by water.
Trip Videos
Where to stay
Coastal Boats that bridge the gap between a Bay Boat and an Offshore center console
500 Mile Trip around the bottom half of the state.
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More videos coming soon
More videos coming soon
More videos coming soon
More videos coming soon
More videos coming soon
More videos coming soon
More videos coming soon